Friday, January 8, 2010

Gardeners of the Earth

Rampa has written many books(24!) and the latest book of his that I just read is 'The Hermit'.

It tells the story of a blind monk who had been living in a cave for 60 years that Rampa visits when he was a teenager. The monk was destined to meet Rampa and pass on information to him that was given to him by the Gardeners of the Earth. You could call them aliens, but I didn't see any mention of the typical alien type forms in the book, such as greys for example. There might have been one description similar to a grey, but in general the descriptions of the various species of beings were similar to humans, giants, dwarfs and little people. There I go off track again...

This is one of his books that's really hard to just take in and believe. While his books about... astral travel and the aura and psychic abilities actually make sense and can be pretty much trusted, I have found, this one is one of the ones that gives you many doubts.

I keep reminding myself that this information was not actually experienced from Rampa himself, but told to him in communication with the hermit. Because of the hermit and Rampa having superior memory, they were chosen for this it is explained. It is possible the information given to Rampa is not correct, or Rampa made the whole thing up, but as you go along in his books you begin trusting Rampa and telling lies just doesn't seem to be part of his character. Where so many other bits of information he talks about can be verified and can make sense because of other information out there in the world, this book was just hard to believe.

But then I think to my self, is it possible for that hermit to tell such a story if he just made it up? Seriously , the information given is vast and complicated and it would take a very intelligent person to make it all up. So if one of the two did make it up, it would make more sense if it was Rampa.

The Gardeners of the Earth - A federation of races/aliens is said to look after planets such as our one and they go around seeding new planets and taking care of existing ones. The main human type ones mentioned are meant to live for five thousand years and time is said to work differently for them so what is a few thousand years for earth, is not much time at all for them. The story goes into detail, giving a history of the earth from very early on and how they seeded it. My blog is not about explaining the book, but about the confusion I have with dimensional beings and Ascension in relation to these gardeners.

Let me explain these aliens. They don't come off really sounding like aliens. They are meant to be a mix of beings from different planets throughout galaxies. (I think it was multiple galaxies) They come of sounding a lot like humans from the way they interact with their ego's and their technology. While their technology is advanced, it just seemed to lack sophistication and I expected that beings such as these would function in a much superior way.
They have fleets of ships, they have admirals and surgeon generals. They have wise ones who sit in a room observing the seeded planets and much more. They are all physical beings and I was expecting that if intelligent design was to be real, then the beings would be existing in a higher dimension, not in hour dimension travelling around in spaceships. I expected them to perhaps temporarily come down to our dimension when required so that they could physically interact with this space time environment, but then go back up to their higher selves. But they simply come off sounding like humans who are just advanced with their technology and have the ability to do what they do.
But then there are certain mentions in the book that make me think that maybe not everything was revealed to us. For example at one stage in the book, the hermit's astral body is forced from his physical and controlled by these gardeners so that he can explore other worlds and go to certain locations to learn information. This means that these gardeners have the ability to astral travel is what I was just getting at, and if they can control someones astral body like that, they are advanced with their abilities.

I think the main part of the story that made me consider that all this could be possible , is their explanation of how large the universe is. They go on to explain that the planet earth is simply a grain of sand in a desert on earth in comparison to how many other habitable worlds are out there in the Universe. Meaning that there are many many more races/civilisations/aliens out there on other planets and it could make sense that these being are so advanced that they go around like gardeners, tending to their planets and controlling them in certain ways along with seeding new ones.

Something I loved reading about was the explanation of how Satan/the Devil came into our history. In the book it is explained that a race of beings from another Galaxy invaded the Galaxy of the Gardeners. These beings had horns and a tail and one of them was named Satan. There was a war and eventually the Gardeners won and Satan was one of the ones still alive who decided to become good and eventually he was living on earth and corrupted other Gardeners, who at that time decided to live alongside the population. It then went into stories about the Greek Gods and explained how all that happened.

Atlantis was also explained which was really interesting as I'm a huge Atlantis fan.

Well, I could go into lots of topics brought up in the book, but that's not why I am writing this as I explained before. I just wanted to talk about my thoughts on all of this being a possibility and how I expected such beings to be more evolved. But I do accept that it could be this way, that the beings that live in our Universe could be like this. It's just hard to think that they are just like us. But I guess it makes sense right? If we survive this technological time and don't destroy ourselves, we could eventually end up just like them, seeding other worlds if we had the technology and the ability to travel at speeds that took us to very unreachable places which would mean we would have access to an unlimited number of planets to play God on. I just thought the beings would be more evolved and I do feel somewhat disappointed.

If this is really the way it is , then my theory is this. The life in the universe can get to the stage where they have the choice to evolve spiritually , as in Ascension, to leave this dimension either after this life or during it, and the experiences it gives us, to then live in a higher dimension which then gives us different experiences and access to different laws that govern the dimension you would then reside in. But in the higher dimensions there is no need for space craft or gardening planets because things work a lot differently there as I have learnt a lot about it. So perhaps some of these beings that live in this Universe have chosen that and like the way the laws of what governs the system of science here and the way everything just works. I would guess that some beings/races have mastered the art of astral travel in a scientific way, as in perhaps using sound to induce the frequency and vibration that could force someone to leave their body for example. They would then be able to practice at will and get very clever at astral travelling and controlling others as explained in this book.

Perhaps it's not possible to live both in this dimension and in another in one life time, maybe we have to chose between them. That would solve my dillema.

The Hermit can actually be found online for free here,


barant said...

Hello Laron,

2 years to the day you posted this I ran across it. I have a good understanding of the "gardeners" as rampa called them. The are really much more than that. Would love to share some info to help you understand the "truths" behind Rampa's unique perspective. They are not merely some nearby race on a nearby planet playing God.

This planet is an experiment in biological engineering. We are designated a "decimal" planet being the designation for a life experimentation. The leaders of the experiment fall into seven categories of evolution. All levels of physical beings are imperfect. You perceived it as a lack of evolution but I assure you, their perspective on things are far less emotionally involved and their purposes well defined. It is much like a universal administration (military would be to stern) and our planet was caught up with our leaders fighting over purpose and loyalty to the divine creation of the experiment.

Our feeble and limited knowledge of our existence and the fact that we perceive only a few dimensions only illustrates our youth as a species and planet. You have indicated that you have issues with "The Hermit". Have you read Rampa's final book, The Tibetan Sage? It expounds on the UFO theories and he seems to have removed the gloves for this book. Knowing that it would be his last book and that he would not have to answer so many question, he goes into detail about the dimensionality elements and perceptions of the extra dimensions.

Rampa's perception of the "gardeners" is much as the description of a zookeeper would be by the lion's in the cage. Not exactly understanding why this all has to be this way. We are just not "seeing" the dimension that is all around us. We are behind the veil. Animals on a dust spec in space which is basically a cage. With millions of miles of 'space' to protect us from what we may find if we venture off. Opening up our understanding of the dimensions will only seek to break down the limitations we accept on the lower physical planes. These limitations simply do not exist at higher levels.

I also see you have interest in re-incarnation. Another misunderstood functionality of how these dimensions come into play. The mere fact that your soul will reincarnate as a bird or animal is simply ignorance and not the true reality. In fact reincarnation is actually fairly common but like transmigration, it is not the norm. Much of this regression hypnosis is not concious rememberance but is a sort of perception of DNA memory.

Much of Rampa's presentations are simplistic and basic to a man of his status and at his time.

Do not underestimate the role of time and space and all that is associated at higher levels. It is an intericate web of descendancy from infinity, the very nature of the I AM itself.

Laron said...

For some reason, I think this blog is turning up more in search engines so more people are seeing it than normal. Since I wrote it, I think the only new information I have learnt about this subject is from Dolores Cannon. However, I have only touched the surface of her material and most of the information I learnt from her was through the course I did with her as she mentioned a bit about this in that.

I think the specific books which she mentions this is the Custodians and the Keepers of the Garden.

I enjoyed reading about your knowledge on this. Do you recommend any specific material/books to look into on this?

I don't think I read his final book.

I think I know what you mean when you say a perception of DNA memory. Interesting.

Arcane said...

If you want to know more about the gardeners of the earth you should read; A Course in Spiritual Philosophy by Madam Amanda Valiant.

Laron said...

Thanks Arcane.