Thursday, January 14, 2010

the Afterlife - Part 2/2

Now where was I. It looks like I have gone enough into what life is like. Now, strait to the main topic of this entry, the Afterlife!

Here is my current theory when we pass on. There's many circumstances that could make our passing very different to each other. As in it could work in many different ways depending on many things.

Death hits us. Our astral and other bodies detach,... the silver cord is disconnected after a certain period of time. We may have an out of body experience strait away, lift up out of our body and look back on it's physical location at that stage of death. Or we may simply go strait to another spiritual realm in the 5th dimension, passing through a tunnel perhaps, with a light at the end. This process would depend on our belief system. We way have spirit guides and possibly see passed on family members and friends, who we see would depend on how strong our love/friendship connection was with that person before they passed on.
Other spirits may be there to guide us and help the transition to the 'waiting area' which can be viewed when Astral traveling. There are beings and spirits who's purpose is to help people that pass on, but if there is a close family member connection or friendship/past lover connection then they could be the ones helping with the process.

If the person passing has a strong attachment to the earth because of the situation of the death, or perhaps another strong reason such as not accepting their own death for example, then there are two theories here of what would happen.
The first which I think is the most common of how people think it works, is that their spirit is stuck and does not continue on to the next stage. The spirit resides in the real time environment which is the replica of what we see but int he astral and haunts/sticks around physical locations there until a problem is resolved. Such as with the recent movie, lovely bones, the girl gets stuck and tries to show her family who killed her. She also has experiences outside of the real time environment, as in creating her own reality/environment with amazing scenery, objects, colors, etc. I think this is also possible and does make sense.
The second theory which I think is actually what does happen, is that their personality is left here on earth, in the real time environment where it does the exact same thing as what the spirit would, it stays here until the problem is sorted out or it gets help from a psychic/clairvoyant human to help it move on. (It's also possible these personalities could get help from other astral beings but I don't think they would bother as there's more important work for them to do)
What is the personality? It's like a copy of the mind of the spirit/physical human that passes on, but in a much more robotic form, as in the spirit no longer remains, the consciousness is also gone.

Moving on from that, if the spirit accepts their death and detaches from everything left on earth they may then find themselves in a hospital type looking location, in spirit from of course, or another location depending on their belief system. At this stage they would go back through their life, seeing everything, all the decisions they made, the karma they caused and resolved and they can then judge themselves on how they lived. This would be what people talk about when they have near death experiences, they see their lives flash before their eyes.

They may have a lot of trouble handling all this because of their belief system and the whole experience could be very different, but some things would be the same. They would be in the astral, the 5th dimension, what they see could be different, but they would always have people there helping them I believe.

Now, depending on their spiritual progress, things could be different from this stage in. I like to hope that we don't have to come back again and it's our choice. But whatever system in place there is, if the decision is made by ourselves, our higher self/over self, or advanced beings, we then prepare for the next life by deciding what lessons we now need to learn (with the help/direction of others), what karma is needed to be resolved with others, and then after this complicated process we would wait around in the astral until we are told and brought back to be born again, either on earth or perhaps another planet/location.

If we decide to not be born again or if it's time to move onto something other than an earthly existence, then we most likely end up in a higher realm of existence where we can live and then decide from there what to do. A good book about this stage of things is Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia. But again, this is one of those books that you can't just believe in, but you can take out what you think is possible and file everything else with an open mind.

I think that the place you end up in depends on your spiritual frequency. As in the state of your personal spiritual growth and morality. The surroundings and sate of existence are all determined by this and also this determines where you can travel to, as in an astral sense, up to a higher dimension/realm where the laws are again different from the 5th dimension. I believe that you can get there also when still alive on earth by astral travel and developing\growing your spiritual bodies which is explained in the Gnostic teachings of Belzebuub.

While in the astral, after death, we can of course meet up with old friends and family if the connection was strong back on earth, but that leaves a question of how can you meet up with them if they are already incarnated again? Most likely they haven't been by the time you arrive.

I have learnt that there are many things you can get up to while existing in this higher realm and of course it's all much different because of the lack of the same scientific laws of earth. Thing can be built by the mind for example.

That's pretty much it for me take on the afterlife. But my knowledge is more limited with comparison to the Astral world, but they are related.

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