Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the Afterlife

Part 1 of 2
What a complicated topic to write about. I have never read anything directly related to it, as in a theory of what it would be like exactly and how it works, but I have read about peoples experiences, those being with life after death, OBE's, astral travel and channeled information which you have to really be objective about and not believe everything you read.

The first thing that comes to mind is... that people experience OBE's and life after death/NDE's(near death experiences) in a variety of different ways. I think this is because of a combination of reasons. Their personal belief system comes into play, what they see can be based upon what they might believe in religiously or spiritually. If they don't believe in anything, then it could be based around what they were taught as a child and that is then interpreted to them in the forms and images they see, a bit like dreams.
Their personal spiritual evolution;the frequency and vibration of their spirit body would also come into play I would think. This can be based around a belief system but also would be about the state of growth of their energy body, their spirit, their astral body, etc. An example would be that if someone who experiences psychic abilities and is very open minded and has learnt a lot about the many theories out there in life would probably be running on a high vibration spiritually by the end of their life depending on many factors such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Past lives and karma would of course also come into it. A combination of lives accumulated up until this point would contribute somewhat to the growth of the being spiritually. However, my thoughts on this is that we don't have to keep coming back to ascend and evolve spiritually many times, but we can probably do it in a few life times, possibly one, if we are dedicated to working on it and of course it depends on our current state of spirituality.
If we had multiple lives where we hardly touched the area of spirituality, then it wouldn't really contribute I don't think. I think karma is a contributing factor to ending the circle of reincarnation, but I also think we can cheat in a sense and bypass our karma by directly working on our spiritual growth more actively.

To look at what life after death would be like, you have to look at what life is like. My studies in astral travel has helped me greatly in learning about life after death and also about the cycle of life. I have learnt a great deal, more than most people I would think, but I know theres never a limit to knowledge but also know that you can get a pretty good idea about something if you learn it enough.
We are spiritual beings, that is certain to me. Meaning we don't only exist physically in this body and when the body dies, we are no more. I have had personal experiences which show me this, along with coming to that conclusion from what I have learnt. Reincarnation is obviously something that must be true as well. So then you have to look at why to we keep coming back? To learn lessons and to experience many different situations. Why? Because of karma but also I think because of a higher self we have which probably exists right now at the same time as us in a higher dimension. This area of things I am not that confident about. Rampa says our overself sends out puppets, multiple spirits that it controls so it can learn more than just with one spirit. Rampa is not the only source of that theory, I remember it mentioned in Gnostic teachings. I just don't like the idea of that though, as I like to think I am an individual and not part of a situation like that, however I accept it as a possibility, one of many but I don't believe I have learnt any other theories about what governs our spirit up above, unless it's simply ourselves here and then more individuals at certain levels of growth in other planes/dimensions.

We seem to either A, exist here for the purpose of karma and personal experience, leaving and coming back, leaving and coming back. We may never learn about anything other than our mundane existence and whatever tasks we get up to in life. Perhaps eventually we decide before coming back again, that it's time to learn about more such as what I have learnt about so the next time around the existence of the person goes down that path. But that doesn't mean we eventually stop coming back, but could be doing this for thousands of incarnations. Not only on this world, but others in this universe.

Or B, we get to a point where we start investigating the esoteric and understand we can be more than just what we are here. We start to realise we have the choice with what we do after death and also in the dream world during each life. We may not aim to achieve ascension directly but simply perhaps come back again into a more spiritual lifestyle. As we learn more, we understand more about life after death so when we do go into the in-between, we have more control. We perhaps gradually get more and more control as we learn these things through astral travel perhaps and or knowledge learnt in life through various means.

Perhaps when we get around to working out all our karma and /or gaining as many experiences as we need to, we then re-incarnate on another world where life is much different because of the conditions of that world such as gravity for example. We then go through the cycle again on that world learning new things. But at the same time, we have that option B, to move ahead and above of what we are now, to stop coming back to this dimension.
I am currently reading a new Astral book and again I am reminded that when in the astral, you feel like you have woken from a dream, the dream being our 3rd dimension here on earth. And I remember exactly what that was like. I was reading what I wrote about my last Astral experience last night in my journal and the first thing I wanted to do in that astral plane was run up to a tree and touch the bark, because of how real it all was. I was so excited as it was like being in a new world, a bit like Avatar, how you explore that world, but it's very hard to explain to someone who has not had the experience. How do you explain that it was more real than what we now see and hear, taste and touch and smell? It wasn't like a lucid dream where your dream is more real than standard dreams, as it was more real than real life.

So we have our experiences in this dimension and we have the choice of moving onto another one permanently. Well, we could always come back again from what I understand, even after deciding to move on up. It's not that easy though, you can't just move up the dimensions, you have to develop your spiritual bodies to be able to do that. There is so much knowledge out there and knowledge we can't even come to comprehend because of our limited third dimensional minds.

To be continued in part 2...

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